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Helping You With Your Estate Planning Needs Every Step Of The Way

Everyone needs an estate plan – and they need one today. Waiting for the “right moment” too often leads to families suffering more than necessary after the passing of a loved one.

If you do not have an estate plan, the Court legal system will choose how to dispose of your property after you pass away. Without the right estate plan in place, your family may face a long and expensive court process as well as possible tax consequences. Furthermore, it is not likely your assets will be handled according to your wishes or intent.

Avoid the default Court legal system by putting a customized estate plan in place. Your estate may be complex or relatively simple. Regardless of the size of your estate or the complexity of your situation, you want an experienced Estate Planning & Probate Attorney by your side. A&L Law, PLLC, Estate Planning attorneys will educate you about the various estate planning options, walk you through all of the relevant and tough decisions, and allow you to meet your goals for your family and your legacy.

Our Main Focus: Estate Planning For You

The attorneys at A&L Law, PLLC, focuses one main thing: ESTATE PLANNING. We create individualized estate plans that ensure that our client’s family benefits from their hard-earned assets.

We accomplish this using a variety of legal strategies, which include (but are not limited to):

-Children’s Inheritance Trust

-Last Will and Testament

-Special Needs Trust

-Medicaid Irrevocable Trust

-Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

-Revocable Living Trust

-IRA Trust

-Pet Trust

-Testamentary Trust

-Asset Protection

-Business Succession

-Estate Tax Avoidance

As estate plans include instructions for distributing assets, many families rely on us to offer further guidance when a loved one passes away. We understand that when a loved one passes away, legal issues are the last thing the family wants to deal with. Our focus is to minimize the stress when it comes to the estate, so that your family and loved ones can focus on what really matters.

Simplifying Estate Settlement

Your A&L Law Estate Planning attorney develops a custom and comprehensive estate plan specifically designed for you and your family. The purpose of the estate plan is to cover you and your family now and in the future. No matter what stage of life you are in, our estate planning lawyers are there to guide you and your heirs through the initial process and any changes or updates needed in the future. We provide the technical expertise you need to compose estate planning documents that are not only thorough, but tailored specifically to the needs and wants of you and your loved ones. We also make sure that you have every opportunity to stay informed on estate planning issues through a number of tools, email newsletters and educational events sponsored by A&L Law.

Thorough, Custom Estate Planning Portfolios: Your professional custom Estate Planning portfolio from A&L Law Estate Planning includes:

-Last Will and Testament

-Trust transfer documents

-Revocable Living Trust

-Pour-Over Last Will and Testament

-Property Power of Attorney

-Health Care Power of Attorney

-Estate Planning Letter

-Location Lists

-Living Will

-Life Insurance

-Instructions for Executors of a Will or Settlers and Trustees

-Glossary of legal terms applicable to your estate

Your comprehensive and complete estate planning portfolio will motivate you to keep all the important estate plan components, assets, and vital information your family will need after you are gone in one single, organized place. Timely access to your documentation can be very important, and the A&L Law Estate Planning portfolio makes everything you need accessible right when you need it.

Easy to Understand Estate Planning Documentation: At A&L Law Estate Planning, we believe that your estate planning portfolio is for you and your family so we create them with that in mind. You won’t find your estate planning documents overflowing with legalese that requires translation. We construct them using terms that are easy to understand with or without a law degree.

Stay Updated on Estate Planning Issues: Included with your thorough estate planning portfolio, you receive the benefit of ongoing educational and training opportunities to ensure that you are aware of any changes that could affect decisions you made on behalf of your estate. A&L Law sponsors ongoing educational events to further educate you on all estate planning topics: how to save on taxes, how to manage gift and estate taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, and taxes on retirement accounts, how to leave your estate to your significant other, your children or grandchildren, how to avoid nursing home poverty, and other important estate planning legal strategies.

Easy, Secure Access to Estate Plans: Our clients do not have to worry about misplacing their documents or theft. At A& Law Estate Planning, we securely store every estate planning document. This allows us to provide you and your heirs (upon your death) immediate access to your estate planning documents.

We value our client relationships and we hope you enjoy your close relationship with our firm. Upon your death, the relationship continues when your heirs reach out to us for help only to find the immense comfort and ease that comes with simplified estate settlement.

Not just any estate plan will do. It has to be the right plan.

No matter what estate planning issues you need to accommodate, A&L Law Estate Planning attorneys are prepared to handle it. Our attorneys customize each and every estate plan according to the client’s unique life, assets, and family.

Our Simple 4-Step Estate Planning Process

1. Initial Telephone Or In Office Conference – During this free consultation, A&L Law will gather basic information about your family, assets, and situation. We will explain your options and pricing for our services.
2. Engagement of Attorney & Planning Worksheet – After the initial meeting, A&L Law will provide you with our engagement agreement as well as a worksheet for you to complete which provides us the specific details and information we need about you, your family, and assets to prepare your estate planning portfolio.
3. Creation of Estate Plan Documents & Client Review – As soon as you engage us, A&L Law will review your Estate Planning Worksheet and will begin creating your legal documents. Typically, we will send you a first version of your documents within 14 days for your review.
4. Execution of Documents and Conclusion – The final stage of our process is to execute your legal documents in our offices. Texas law mandates that many legal documents also be executed by witnesses and a Notary Public, both of which we provide. We schedule this meeting to effectively execute your documents, give you guidance on several other important issues (such as where to store your legal documents, beneficiary designations, etc.) and, at the conclusion of the meeting, you leave with your signed, original documents! You can now move on with this stage of your life knowing your wishes will be carried out and your beneficiaries will be taken care of.



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